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Mission Statement

JW Wealth Management Group is committed to assisting our clients in dreaming of their future, planning for financial goals, and managing the plan on an on-going basis.

Our compelling mission is to:

  • Build long-lasting business relationships based on trust, confidence, and integrity;
  • Provide creative planning, education, and strategic direction to assist our clients in accomplishing their “ Mission , Vision, Values, and Goals”;
  • Demonstrate proactive service excellence that exceeds expectations;
  • Retain highly qualified associates that place our clients’ needs as their sole business priority; and
  • Serve as good citizens in our community.


In 1985,  I watched my favorite team, the Kansas City Royals win the World Series. As an organization, the Kansas City Royals dreamed of that championship. I was a young boy watching my hero’s reach their goals and I knew with hard work and the belief in a dream, anything was possible. As an adult I still follow the Royals and participate in the Fantasy Camp. 2015 was a special camp featuring the 1985 World Series Champions. I got to sit on the bench and play ball with the heroes of my childhood… A dream come true.

At our firm, we take time to discuss your plans for the future as individuals and extended family members.  It is only after this process that we can truly offer personal advice.


Individuals who know me can describe my passion for sports, especially baseball.  My father and mother strongly supported my participation in athletics throughout my childhood and this is a joy that I have shared with my daughters as a coach and fan.  I feel that sports develop life-long skills, especially in setting goals and working with others.  In baseball, players focus on getting to home plate; in basketball, the focus is the rim; in soccer, the ultimate success is the net.  The financial industry is much the same.  Before making decisions, one must decide on financial goals for the future and only then can an investment plan be developed to move towards these goals.  At our firm, we use our resources or Game Plan, to develop an individualized Playbook for each client.


Fulfillment of our mission is demonstrated through our relationships and communication with our clients.  Our firm provides financial services for individuals, corporations, trust, and retirement accounts and we maintain independent status to best serve client needs.  Our Game Plan includes considering goals, measuring attitude towards risk, and considering age when individualizing asset allocation.  This allows our clients, whether individuals or businesses, to choose investments and products that meet their individual Playbook or dreams.
Our firm strives to develop a long-term relationship with our clients.  We will evaluate the information you provide to determine how our services fit your objectives.  For the benefit of our existing clients, we accept a limited number of new clients each year.  In order to provide the highest service, we have established minimum criteria.  All personal and financial information is treated with strict confidentiality whether or not you become a client.   

I look forward to meeting with you. We are located in Liberty, Missouri.  Thank you again for your interest in working together.  Feel free to contact our office at 913-529-0186 with any questions you might have in the future.



Jim Witkowski
Financial Advisor
JW Wealth Management Group